It started with a problem.
It became an opportunity.

Three colleagues at a well-known manufacturing and distribution company spotted a problem…small and mid-sized businesses were being turned away because they did not fit the profile of their large company.

Then, it hit them:  Why not set up shop and service these clients themselves? 

Accu-Logistics has penchant for problem-solving, 
making them the champions of challenges with a sweet spot for solutions.

Accu-Logistics has been in business since June 2000, serving businesses around Northern California’s Bay Area and beyond.

A full service logistics company, Accu-Logistics specializes in what big name companies do not: building lasting relationships and keeping the best interests of clients in mind. Their quality of work, paired with the flawless execution of services puts them at the top of their industry. Accu-Logistics has done work for local shops to Fortune 500. No matter the industry, Accu-Logistics takes the time to find the quickest, effective, and most cost-efficient solution out there.

The Partners

The masterminds behind Accu-Logistics are long time friends and colleagues Blake, Tim, and David. Blake and Tim, colleagues for over 21 years now, worked side-by-side helping their company grow into a $120M company. As fate would have it, through a haphazard network of alumnus-fathers-haircuts-and Blake’s wife Caroline- the trio of David, Blake and Tim connected. They went on to work together, dominating at their trade, honing their skills, and familiarizing themselves with the ins and outs of the industry. Then in June 2000, Accu-Logistics was formed.

The Accu-Logistics Mission

Accu-Logistics LLC recognizes the importance of our customers’ success and the parallel success of our company. It is our goal to contribute to that success at all levels of our company. Through close customer contact and excellent relationships, we will meet the needs of our customers wherever we can. In return, we seek fair and responsible profit and a fun, rewarding place to work for our employees.

Accu-Logistics LLC

2031 Burroughs Ave
San Leandro, CA 94577
510-614-6301 fax
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