Order Fulfillment

We are the masters of fulfillment. Not only do we prepare customer order sand source products, we also warehouse your products and pick, pack and ship them straight to your customers. Our job is to handle your backend needs, so you can focus on more important things, like running your business. Our order fulfillment service include:

Pick, Pack, and Ship B2B and B2C Orders

Prepare customer orders, pack them, and get them ready to ship—all according to your exact specifications.

Warehousing/Pallet Storage

Store goods from around the world.

Post-manufacturing Quality Inspections

Inspect product upon receipt to verify that the manufacturer is properly building the product.

Returns Processing

Manage all aspects of company returns, including product verification, reporting, and ultimate product disposition based on the customer’s requirements.

Value-added Services

May include assembling components into a kit or the final product, plus testing items for functionality.

Internet/Catalog/Mail Order Fulfillment

Provide back-end operations for Internet /Catalog fulfillment. Pick and pack orders to end-users.

Product Sourcing

Help source any components, packaging, or supplies the client requires.

Cross Docking

Sort product directly from container to multiple destinations.

Container Off-loading

Off-load inventory from sea containers.

Packaging Solutions

Provide custom design solutions for packaging.

Transportation Services

Provide customized transportation solutions that reflect where your product needs to go and when it needs to get there.

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